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Suppliers of Network Communications Software,

@IT Limited is a specialist distributor of network communications software. We specialise in terminal emulation, web-to-host, java emulation, windows based email, network monitoring, file transfer and anti-virus products. We are authorised partners of Ipswitch and Panda, and in July 2010 became the UK distributor of the excellent Gallagher & Robertson software range.

Over the past ten years we have built a reputation for making it easy for local and central government, large and small businesses and charities to find the network communications software that they need at the right prices.

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@IT Limited makes buying network software a walk in the park

Network Monitoring, Terminal Emulation, Host Communications, File Transfer and AntiVirus

Ipswitch Whatsup Gold, Imail and WS_FTP from @IT in the UK

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panda anti-virus security

WhatsUp Gold

Imail Server


WS_FTP Server

WS_Ping Pro

Glink for Windows 



Glink for Java


Panda Security for Business

Panda Security for Enterprise

GateDefender Performa

GateDefender Integra

Desktop Secure for Linux

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