Panda Security for Business

  1. Protects endpoints across your business against all types of threats.
  2. Boosts performance on networks with limited bandwidth.
  3. Hassle-free centralised security management.

Panda Security for Business is the ideal endpoint security solution. It offers complete protection for workstations and file servers. It's an easy-to-use solution that protects your computers against malware (viruses, spam, phishing, spyware, rootkits, etc.) and other known and unknown threats. Also Included are TruePrevent preventative technnologies and Malware Radar.

Panda Security for Business Features

  • Optimised protection

High-performance protection for workstations and file servers.

  • Preventive threat blocking

Preventive blocking to counter the spread of new worms and viruses.

  • Straightforward centralized management

Single-point management and administration. Includes a real-time security status console.

  •  Resource-friendly

Resource-friendly solution ideal for networks with limited bandwidth.

  •  Real-time Information

Proactive information system with real-time data to prevent the spread of infections.

  • Automatic Updates

Hourly verification of automatic updates to optimize anti-malware protection.

  •  Periodic audits

Periodic, online audits scan corporate networks for malware using signature files with more than 2 million malware identifiers.

  • Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence leverages the information provided by the user community in real-time, exponentially increasing the detection capacity with more than 2 million malware signatures.


Why you should consider Panda Security for Business

  • No need for security outsourcing

Eliminates the need to outsource IT security.

  • Reduced operating costs

Reduces security man-hours and operating costs.

  • Protects business integrity

Protects corporate image, avoids fines for failure to comply with regulations, prevents industrial espionage, data theft, etc.

  • Improved productivity

Boosts administrator and end-user productivity.

  • Safeguards business information

Integrated protection of all your company's data.

  • Real-time decision making

Includes a real-time security status console to aid decision making.

  • Low TCO, fast ROI

Ensures low cost of ownership and a rapid return on investment.

  • Detection of targeted attacks and malware.

Detection of malware and targeted attacks that slip past permanent protection systems, completely eliminating cyber-crime in corporate environments.

  • The perfect shield against cyber-crime

Eradication of cyber-crime in companies.


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