Panda GateDefender Integra

Panda GateDefender Integra is installed between the Internet and the corporate network, providing unified protection against all types of threats. It combines proactive and reactive protection to offer the most complete gateway security, as this is the main malware entry point.

Panda GateDefender Integra includes ALL the protection needed in a single device:

  • Web Filtering
  • VPN
  • Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Anti-malware
  • Content Filter
  • Anti-spam

It has a simple graphic interface (web console) and can offer total protection from the network perimeter. This makes Panda GateDefender Integra quick and easy to configure. So it offers complete protection against any type of threat, almost as soon as it is out of the box.

Two separate models adapt to the needs of even the most demanding environments:

  • Panda GateDefender Integra 100 for networks with up to 100 users.
  • Panda GateDefender Integra 300 for networks with 100 + users.
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