Panda WebAdmin AntiVirus

The hassle free corporate antvirus

  1. Panda WebAdmin Antivirus is the ideal security solution for companies that:
  2. Provide IT security services
  3. Do not have internal IT staff or IT security competence
  4. Outsource IT management
  5. Have a distributed IT infrastructure with multiple branch offices and/or laptops

WebAdmin incorporates an antivirus client installed locally in the computers and an unique centralized management system through which the administrator can remotely install, configure and monitor the protection of the entire organization via the Internet.

WebAdmin provides complete protection against Internet threats, without requiring investment in dedicated servers and databases or complex management tasks inherent to other corporate solutions on the market. It also includes automatic updates without administrator or user intervention, allowing them to focus on priority tasks.

This structure is ideal for companies that provide IT security services or companies with multiple branch offices or laptops, as the administrator can remotely manage the security of all these computers via the Internet, saving up to 80 percent of the time and mobility problems associated to IT security management.


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