Whats Up Gold V12



Whats Up Gold V12


wsping logoWS_Ping Pro Pack

The ultimate network information tool. The tools you need to diagnose network problems and get critical information about your users, your hosts and your networks.

With WS_Ping Pro Pack you can:

  • Verify connectivity to a particular device on your network
  • Quantitatively test data connections between your computer and a remote system
  • Trace the path to a network host or device
  • Obtain information on host names and IP addresses
  • Scan your network and list devices and network services
  • View summary information about a network host or device including the official hostname, IP address, and contact information (from the Whois database)
  • View Simple Network Management Protocol values as well as Windows network domains, hosts, and workstations
  • Search information (such as user's full names and e-mail addresses) available through LDAP

System Requirements

  • Intel 486 or Pentium processors
  • Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
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