MA-6700 - IPSWITCH IMail Server Plus, with Service Agreement 250 Users


IMail Plus offers efficiency for your team.

IMail Plus comes with the same reliability, scalability and versatility that IMail Server offers. The distinguishing factor is found in the industry-leading, carrier-grade anti-spam technology.

The premium anti-spam engine from Commtouch is automatically updated, allowing users to work more efficiently. Commtouch's RPD is a proactive detection technology that continues to outwit those who continue to invent new methods to propagate email-borne threats because it does not rely on the contents of the email and therefore, it is able to detect spam in any language and in every message format (including images, HTML, etc.), non-English characters, single and double byte, etc.

Commtouch's RPD focuses on detecting recurrent message patterns in outbreaks, rather than on a lexical analysis of the contents of individual email messages. When spammers begin to use new tactics, Commtouch's anti-spam technology can react in minutes to keep you protected. False Positives are significantly lower with the carrier-grade anti-spam technology, so you can communicate with the people you need to, without the threat of spam.
Price: £1919.23 (£2303.08 Inc VAT)
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