BA-6810 - IPSWITCH WS_FTP Server with SSH plus WS_FTP Server Web Transfer Module & Service Agreement


Simple, Secure, and Flexible Browser-Based File Transfer

Now with the WS_FTP Server Web Transfer Module, the world’s most popular secure file transfer solution becomes faster, easier, and more effective.

The WS_FTP Server Web Transfer Module, an add-on to WS_FTP Server products, enables users to transfer files between their computers and company servers using the convenience of a Web browser. As a result, employees and external business partners can connect to company networks simply and securely to share files, data, and other critical business information. File transfer just got a whole lot easier WS_FTP Server Web Transfer Module simplifies the managing of your secure file transfer process of moving and sharing files. No more having to deal with the inefficiencies and security concerns related to sharing files over email and instant messaging, or the need to manually install, manage, and maintain file transfer software on everyone’s desktop. The industry’s most secure data-transfer solutions
WS_FTP Server Web Transfer Module offers the same leading security you’ve come to expect from Ipswitch. Files are transferred over the encrypted HTTPS protocol, which completely protects files as they are being transferred from an end user’s computer and the company server.

Simple administration
The WS_FTP Server Web Transfer Module delivers centralized administration and deployment. To implement, server administrators simply enable Web access on the WS_FTP Server administration console, and all user settings, such as password rules, file/folder permissions, disk quotas, and more, are all automatically enforced.

Benefits of the WS_FTP Server Web Transfer Module:
  • Delivers a new, Web-based add-on module for the industry-leading WS_FTP Server and WS_FTP Server with SSH
  • Gives centralized administration, management, and deployment
  • Allows users to easily upload and download files and to create and delete folders on the remote server
  • Delivers full compatibility for end users running today’s top operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac) and browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari)
  • Offers the convenience of the Web with zero-footprint and no software to install on end users’ computers
  • Price: £2838.46 (£3406.15 Inc VAT)
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