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If you are using Ipswitch Collaboration Suite (ICS) take a look the new Ipswitch Imail Server Premium. It has all the great features of Ipswitch Collaboration Suite plus new security and administrative enhancements.

To give you extra flexibility Imail Anti-Virus is now sold separately. Choose from either Symantec or BitDefender.

If you have a valid Service Agreement for your Ipswitch Collaboration Suite you can upgrade for free to Imail Server Premium. If you don't have a Service Agreement, please contact @I.T Limited to discuss your requirements.

Call us now on 01202 733270.


IPSWITCH ICS Premium to IMail Premium Upgrades and Crossgrades

Ipswitch Collaboration Suite upgrade

An Ipswitch ICS Premium to Imail Premium Crossgrade gives you one year of

  • Unlimited live technical support via phone and email with Ipswitch
  • Upgrades, new features, performance improvements and bug fixes
Upgrades you from Ipswitch Collaboration Suite to Imail Premium.Ipswitch Imail Premium Crossgrade
Buy securely online, including delivery from the UK.
Please call @IT if you want any help with your order.
Please enter your ICS product serial number in the field Number

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