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Instant Messaging is such a convenient and useful business tool that many users take the initiative to install external, public IM clients such as AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger in their work environment. However, because these free IM services rely on public servers outside the control of the business, they expose the organisation to security and confidentiality risks.

Ipswitch Instant Messaging is the Secure, Manageable Solution

Ipswitch Instant Messaging offers a unique combination of features and built-in security that enables organisations to widely deploy IM while ensuring the confidentiality and security of their information and processes. Ipswitch Instant Messaging offers advanced capabilities in a simple, well-designed, IM-specific architecture.

Ipswitch Instant Messaging enables everyone in your organisation to benefit from a sophisticated real-time collaboration system. The Ipswitch Instant Messaging client requires no training to use, is  easy to install and integrates with the Microsoft® Windows® environment it offers:

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  • A fast, easily-managed server that runs inside your firewall
  • Logging and recording of all IM sessions
  • Encryption based on the 168-bit 3DES encryption standard
  • Integration with your Windows directory for easy administration
  • Flexible controls for logging and recording conversations
  • Server-based access control of multiple IM servers to permit or deny access to other Ipswitch Instant Messaging servers running on the network
  • Integration with Ipswitch IMail Server for a complete collaboration solution including e-mail and meeting scheduling

Simplicity and Productivity for Business Users

For end users, Ipswitch Instant Messaging is remarkably easy to learn and use. With Ipswitch Instant Messaging, users can:

  • Include files and documents in conversations, if permitted by the administrator
  • Invite others to join a conversation
  • Send messages to other users even when the intended recipient is offline
  • Control their status on the system, eg. by setting their status to busy when on the phone
  • Retrieve previous conversations after they have ended and save or print these conversations
  • Spell-check their messages before they are sent
  • Benefit from conversation recall, which automatically retrieves the entire conversation when it is continued after the client has been closed
  • Check the availability of their co-workers at a glance

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