WD-6000 - IPSWITCH WS_FTP Professional SW Development Kit with Service Agreement


The WS_FTP Professional Software Development Kit (SDK).

The SDK enables developers to create customised data management applications by embedding or integrating the functionality of WS_FTP Professional into core business applications and platforms, such as sales, inventory, financial, database, and CRM systems.

With its standards-based, Component Object Model (COM) architecture, the SDK enables WS_FTP Professional secure file transfer technology to be embedded in both commercial and externally developed applications. You can use any developer language, such as C++, and any universal scripting language, such as JavaScript, VB.NET, and C#. Because the SDK draws on your own programming knowledge and software to create applications, programming time is significantly reduced. And because you can embed our proven file transfer expertise right into your applications and platforms, you can be assured that you have all the capabilities you need for moving files and data safely throughout the enterprise.

Sample Business Workflow Applications
  • Integrate into existing solutions for connectivity to back-end databases, ERP, and CRM solutions.
  • Update Internet, Value-Added Networks, intranet servers, distributed databases, and other specialized TCP/IP networks.
  • Download documents or programs from local-to-server, server-to-local, and server-to-server connections.
  • Guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of transferred files using SSL and SSH protocol encryption.
  • Ensure compliance by securely transferring confidential documents, such as patient health records, credit card numbers, and financial information.
    The WS_FTP Professional SDK comes with one license of the WS_FTP Professional file transfer client. Note that you must purchase a license of WS_FTP Professional for each user that will access applications developed with the WS_FTP Professional SDK. Service Agreements are also available for purchase and provide unlimited technical support and software updates at no additional charge.
  • Price: £457.69 (£549.23 Inc VAT)
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