WS_FTP Server is used globally to support millions of end users and transfer billions of files and petabytes of data. It is designed to integrate smoothly into a company’s existing architecture and support an unlimited number of concurrent user connections, scaling to support businesses of any size. It’s the ideal solution when you have many users of different types transferring data within your organisation and with outside partners and vendors. WS_FTP Server solutions are easy to use and implement, quickly enabling network administrators to:
  • Deliver complete security
  • Take advantage of powerful administrator tools
  • Maintain high server availability
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Provide a flexible file transfer solution
  • WS_FTP Server solutions work seamlessly with the desktop file transfer client of your choice. However, when combined with our award-winning
  • WS_FTP Professional software, WS_FTP Server delivers optimized performance and security.

    And browser-based file transfer functionality simplifies the process of moving and sharing files with a zero-footprint, no-download browser interface that works with today’s top browsers and from multiple operating systems such as Windows, Unix, Linux, and Macintosh. All of this means employees and external business partners can use the convenience of Web browsers to connect to company networks and share files and data – quickly, easily, and securely.

    And with Ipswitch's FIPS validated cryptography, you can rest assured that you’re meeting industry’s highest possible security standard.
  • Price: £573.08 (£687.70 Inc VAT)
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